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Open Heroines is an international online community of over 600 members, who work in the fields of open government, open data, and civic tech.

The group is a safe virtual space for all those who identify as women and non-binary people to meet like-minded people, share their experiences, get advice, and organise events to amplify their voices and work.

In order to keep Open Heroines a space where people feel they can share freely we ask that new members read and stick to our Code of Collaboration ( and answer a few questions to verify their membership.

If you have any questions please contact

Twitter, Linkedin profile or a personal website can help.
Let us know why you'd like to join the slack channel and how you heard about us.
Tell us about any paid or voluntary work you've done in the open government, open data and civic tech space. We welcome people at all stages in their career, so don't worry if you haven't got lots of experience.
Please give us the email you want us to add to our Slack channel.  Private email is a preference to work email. This will not be shared with anyone outside of Open Heroines.
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