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I Pledge To Write

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October 3, 2017

I pledge to write. I do it because if something is not written, it is not out there. It is the age of of information, and information also comes from words. So if we want to have more information from different points of view, if we want to show that the world is not only black and white, we need to write.

Writing is hard. It takes time, and most of us don’t have a lot of it. We work, we have other people in our lives that we want to spend time with. We want to do anything but open a notebook and write with a pen (or in other cases, the keyboard). It’s hard because we want to sound authentic, we want people to be moved by our writing. We want our writing to make a difference. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to put something worthy out there. It’s hard because sometimes it means that we put a part of ourselves, part of our souls to others to see, to judge, to learn. The last thing we want is to be judged, to be hurt.

So I pledge to write everyday, 250 words a day, so I can learn to overcome my fear of judgement, of hate. I write so I can bring my views to this complicated world. A world that sometimes doesn’t want to hear my views — because of my gender, my religion, my sexual orientation, my accent. Being aware of this world, I want to prevail, to put another light.

So I pledge to write 250 words a week. If there are more than 250 words — even better. I pledge to share it with my Open Heroines community members when I feel ready, so I will get the support I need. I pledge to publish my writing in my name, so I can share my ideas out there.

And we, the Open Heroines community, pledge to be there to edit your words, to help you with grammar, to give advice when you ask for it. We will be there for your rants, we will listen to your ideas. We will help you put it online. We will do the best to give you strength.

So, will you take this wonderful journey of words with us?

Pledge to write with Open Heroines, just use #Ipledgetowriteoh or DM us on Twitter.

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