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International Open Data Conference 2018: The Open Heroines Do-a-thon

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July 4, 2018

Earlier this year, when we were given a spot during the

International Open Data Conference

(IODC)’s pre-events, we knew exactly what we wanted to do with it — create an open, innovative space to bring people of different skill sets together to work on gender and open data projects. We were inspired by the SPARC do-a-thon, and were eager to organize one of our own.

What is a do-a-thon?

Building off the concept of a hackathon, a do-a-thon is a collaborative work sprint, in which people work together on projects and to solve challenges. During our Open Heroines Gender Spotlight event, the do-a-thon will connect people from a wide variety of of skills and experiences together to work on spotlight gender issues. We know that amazing results come from plenty of collaboration, and we’re looking forward to solving challenges with you!

What projects are you looking for?

During the do-a-thon, we’ll work on:

  1. Open data projects centered on gender data.
  2. Open data projects that don’t work on gender issues yet, but want to be more inclusive and are looking to incorporate a gender perspective.
  3. Open data projects that use open data to raise awareness and drive action around gender equality.
  4. Projects that explore gender equality within the open data community itself.

Why should I participate?

If you are working on gender data or just care about gender equality, your thoughts and ideas would bring huge value to the do-a-thon. We want this day to help us drive action that will sustain far beyond the week of IODC alone, connecting people to one another and gathering knowledge that will lead to bigger outcomes. If you’ve never worked on gender issues before, this event offers you a safe and supportive environment to ask questions, learn from others, and take your first steps on the topic.

I’m a man, and I want to participate! Can I?

Sure you can! This event is open to everyone. We aim to collaborate on gender issues, and raise awareness about them, together.

How can I participate in the do-a-thon?

Lucky (and convenient!) for our participants, you can participate from wherever you are in the world.

  1. You can join us onsite on September 25th at Auditorium of the Centro Metropolitano de Diseño in Buenos Aires, Argentina. — Eventbrite link is here
  2. You can join us remotely as well! All you need is a GitHub account.

How can I pitch a problem or challenge?

It’s easy! You can submit your project anytime between now and August 31st through this Google Survey, We will send you an email following with the instructions of how to add your project to the Github. No coding experience required!

What’s next?

You can track our progress towards the do-a-thon on our Github or on Twitter.

Help us spread the word, explore the projects and challenges we’re looking to solve, and we hope you participate!

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