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Spotlight on the OGP 19 Travel Grantees (Part 1)

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May 17, 2019

In just a few weeks, some amazing women will be joining Open Heroines at the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Summit in Ottawa, Canada. With support from the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, Open Heroines is conducting a second round of travel granting to sponsor more women’s conference travel and attendance.

13 women were selected to receive travel grants, from a competitive applicant pool of 200 qualified, accomplished women. Each grantee stood out as someone who will bring fresh ideas, relevant FOGO expertise, and unique perspective to OGP 2019.

During OGP 19, these women will all be participating in FOGO Day, engaging in OH’s networking events, and attending conference sessions that are most relevant to their diverse body of work. If you’re attending OGP 19, be sure to say hello!

We’re shining a spotlight on each woman before the conference. Today, we are introducing the first several woman, and we will be continuing to add posts introducing them as we get closer to the conference!

Read more about our grantees below:

Thayane Guimarães

Picture of a woman.

Where I Work:

Brazil, Institute for Technology & Society of Rio de Janeiro

About Me:

I am a young bisexual Brazilian Journalist. My entire life has been dedicated to be part of movements, civil society organizations and initiatives committed to promoting gender, sexuality and racial equality, fighting against police violence in favelas, and increasing the participation of civil society in politics through technology. I am a researcher at the Democracy & Technology team at the Institute for Technology and Society of Rio-ITS Rio ( In bringing more representation to events like OGP, we can creatively address challenges, to ensure understanding of democracy and civic participation with the support of new technologies.

Tracy Kadesa

Picture of a woman on blue dress.

Where I Work:

Kenya, Development Network Africa and Advocate, the High Court of Kenya

About Me:

I am an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and a women’s rights activist who actively participates in policy processes in Kenya. I believe that “getting it right” in policy is key in improving the lives of women and youth in developing countries. Currently, I’m working with Development Network Africa, on research, policy and advocacy projects in gender, ICTs, and intellectual property, among other disciplines. I look forward to attending my first OGP summit because I hope to expand my knowledge base and capacity in order to effectively hold government accountable, and OGP will guide me on where to focus energy and come up with effective programs.

Sofia Corona Brandt

Picture of a woman smiling.

Where I Work:

Mexico, Codeando México

About Me:

I’m currently Operations Leader in Codeando México, where I serve as PM for projects focused on open data, tooling for civil society organizations, human rights and the implementation of platforms that promote citizen participation. I’ve been involved in promoting inclusive mobility, road security, and urban development with a gender perspective. I am passionate about building bridges for the construction of a space where all voices can be heard and represented. I believe cities must be built by and for people who live them and that every group must have a role when taking decisions that will affect their environment. In learning about open government and open data, I came to realize that the public discourses and federal policies in Mexico are very distant from the reality women and vulnerable groups live in. OGP 19 will bring me understanding on how to combine the technological spectre with the experience organizations focused on gender equality and inclusion have when tackling lack of representation, participation, and women’s self-esteem.

Maria Alejandra Kapell

Selfie of a woman.

Where I Work:

Panama, Juntos Decidimos

About Me:

I am a young lawyer and politician who participates in activities in favor of human rights, looking for mechanisms that allow me to educate others about how to innovate and impact from civil society the topics of feminism, governance, poverty, culture and the environment. I am a current member of the first Panamanian National Commision of OGP, and looking forward to working on the 4th OGP Plan with the Panamanian Transparency Authority. I’m excited to expand my knowledge about OGP and share it with my social movement “Juntos Decidimos,” so that we can spread the word and empower young people.

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